mongoDB and Pacemaker recent bumps

mongoDB 2.4.3 Yet another bugfix release, this new stable branch is surely one of the most quickly iterated I’ve ever seen. I guess we’ll wait a bit longer at work before migrating to 2.4.x. pacemaker 1.1.10_rc1 This is the release of pacemaker we’ve been waiting for, fixing among other things, the ACL problem which was introduced […]

Hello Gentoo Planet

Hey Gentoo folks ! I finally followed a friend’s advice and stepped into the Gentoo Planet and Universe feeds. I hope my modest contributions will help and be of interest to some of you readers. As you’ll see, I don’t talk only about Gentoo but also about photography and technology more generally. I also often […]

mongoDB v2.4.2 released

After the security issue related bumps of the previous releases which happened last weeks it was about time 10gen released a 2.4.x fixing the following issues: Fix for upgrading sharded clusters TTL assertion on replica set secondaries Several V8 memory leak and performance fixes High volume connection crash I guess everything listed above would have […]

py3status v0.7

Some cool bugfixes happened since v0.5 and py3status broke the 20 github stars, I hope people are enjoying it. changelog clear the user class cache when receiving SIGUSR1 specify default folder for user defined classes fix time transformation thx to @Lujeni add Pingdom checks latency example module fix issue #2 reported by @Detegr which caused the […]