mongoDB v2.4.6 & pymongo v2.6

mongodb-2.4.6 The folks at 10gen discovered a severe bug in the mongoDB chunk migration process on sharded environments. Basically, depending of the size of your documents, there was a chance that some get lost during data migration ! Relax tho, this case affected only the chunks containing documents which size are in the range of 16,776,185 […]

rabbitMQ : v3.1.5 released

Looks like rabbitMQ upstream likes to bump their stuff right after I catch-up with my bumps 🙂 You are strongly advised to upgrade to this version since it fixes a quite important bug introduced by 3.1.4. highlights fix crash in the delegate mechanism leading to various crashes, and intra-cluster incompatibility between RabbitMQ 3.1.4 and other […]

rabbitMQ : v3.1.4 released

Quick post for a quick bugfix release of the rabbitMQ server. Please note that I dropped the remaining 3.0.4 version in tree while doing this bump. highlights security fix : ensure DLX declaration checks for publish permission (since 2.8.0) security fix : update to a later version of Mochiweb that fixes a directory traversal vulnerability allowing […]