Hardening SSH authentication using Yubikey (2/2)

In my previous blog post, I demonstrated how to use a Yubikey to add a 2nd factor (2FA) authentication to SSH using pam_ssh and pam_yubico. In this article, I will go further and demonstrate another method using Yubikey’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) capability. This one has the huge advantage to allow a 2nd factor authentication […]

py3status v3.4

Another community driven and incredible update of py3status has been released ! Our contributor star for this release is without doubt @lasers who is showing some amazing energy with challenging ideas and some impressive modules QA clean ups ! Thanks a lot as usual to @tobes who is basically leading the development of py3status now […]

py3status v2.9

py3status v2.9 is out with a good bunch of new modules, exciting improvements and fixes ! Thanks This release is made of their stuff, thank you contributors ! @4iar @AnwariasEu @cornerman Alexandre Bonnetain Alexis ‘Horgix’ Chotard Andrwe Lord Weber Ben Oswald Daniel Foerster Iain Tatch Johannes Karoff Markus Weimar Rail Aliiev Themistokle Benetatos New modules […]