Talks page

I finally decided to put up a page on this website referencing the talks I’ve been giving over the last few years. You’ll see that I’m quite obsessed with fault tolerance and scalability designs… I guess I can’t deny it any more 🙂

Gentoo Linux on DELL XPS 13 9365 and 9360

Since I received some positive feedback about my previous DELL XPS 9350 post, I am writing this summary about my recent experience in installing Gentoo Linux on a DELL XPS 13 9365. This installation notes goals: UEFI boot using Grub Provide you with a complete and working kernel configuration Encrypted disk root partition using LUKS […]

py3status v3.6

After four months of cool contributions and hard work on normalization and modules’ clean up, I’m glad to announce the release of py3status v3.6! Milestone 3.6 was mainly focused about existing modules, from their documentation to their usage of the py3 helper to streamline their code base. Other improvements were made about error reporting while […]