Clustering : resource-agents v3.9.5 & crmsh v1.2.5

Quick post about two bumps I made yesterday. The important one is sys-cluster/resource-agents-3.9.5 because the previous release contained a regression on the IPaddr2 resource. IPaddr2 didn’t send unsolicited ARPs on start, depending on the ARP cache timeout time of the hosts on your topology, this could cause some serious delay when a failover takes place […]

Clustering : corosync v2.3.0 & resource-agents-3.9.4

Some new stuff related to clustering are now available on portage ! Here are the highlights. crmsh-1.2.4 better pacemaker-1.1.8 compatibility fine tuning history and regression fixes resource-agents-3.9.4 Oh yes I’ve been slacking on that one but it’s finally here ! As a reminder this huge bump (1.0.4 -> 3.9.4) is the result of the upstream […]

Clustering : corosync v2.1.0 & pacemaker v1.1.8

I recently bumped quite a bunch of the clustering suite packages such as : sys-cluster/cluster-glue-1.0.11 sys-cluster/libqb-0.14.3 sys-cluster/corosync-1.4.4 sys-cluster/corosync-2.1.0 sys-cluster/crmsh-1.2.1 (new package) corosync-2.1.0 You should be aware that the corosync-2.x packages are still hard masked because the 2.0.x ones didn’t compile properly and we didn’t have a suitable pacemaker version for it to work with. There […]

Clustering : glue v1.0.10 released

The newly released cluster glue libraries for Pacemaker / Heartbeat are available in portage. From my perspective, the major enhancement is that the clplumbing (the code responsible for passing along cib messages between nodes) now include compression. This was something I reported upstreamĀ a long time ago and I was handling with the large-cluster USE flag […]

Clustering : corosync v1.4.3 & pacemaker v1.1.7 released

I’ve finally taken the time to take care of the corosync and pacemaker ebuilds. The new versions are now available in portage. Corosync 1.4.3 (10/04/2012) This is one of the last supported old stable release of the Corosync Cluster Engine. FYI, I’ve also bumped the new corosync-2.0.0 version but it needs more testing before I […]