mongoDB v2.4.6 & pymongo v2.6

mongodb-2.4.6 The folks at 10gen discovered a severe bug in the mongoDB chunk migration process on sharded environments. Basically, depending of the size of your documents, there was a chance that some get lost during data migration ! Relax tho, this case affected only the chunks containing documents which size are in the range of 16,776,185 […]

mongoDB : latest releases

mongodb-2.4.4 Just bumped it to portage and fixed an open bug along. This is yet another bugfix release which backports the switch to the Cyrus SASL2 library for sasl authentication (kerberos). Dependencies were adjusted so you no longer need libgsasl on your systems (remember to depclean). highlights config upgrade fails if collection missing “key” field […]

mongoDB and Pacemaker recent bumps

mongoDB 2.4.3 Yet another bugfix release, this new stable branch is surely one of the most quickly iterated I’ve ever seen. I guess we’ll wait a bit longer at work before migrating to 2.4.x. pacemaker 1.1.10_rc1 This is the release of pacemaker we’ve been waiting for, fixing among other things, the ACL problem which was introduced […]

mongoDB v2.4.2 released

After the security issue related bumps of the previous releases which happened last weeks it was about time 10gen released a 2.4.x fixing the following issues: Fix for upgrading sharded clusters TTL assertion on replica set secondaries Several V8 memory leak and performance fixes High volume connection crash I guess everything listed above would have […]

mongoDB v2.4.1 and pymongo 2.5 released

10gen released a critical update for mongoDB 2.4.0 which affected queries on secondaries, you should upgrade asap. The python mongo driver followed the 2.4.x releases and got bumped to 2.5 this week-end. I am pleased to announce that I took the chance to add the kerberos authentication support to both ebuilds while bumping them. pymongo-2.5 GSSAPI […]

mongoDB 2.4.0 RC

Last month I talked about what was coming on the next major stable release of mongoDB and I’m glad to point you to the recent 2.4.0 release notes which were announced today. Undoubtedly, the “new” cool stuff is about the hashed index feature which will help those who don’t have a really even shard key to […]

mongoDB v2.2.3 & uwsgi v1.4.5

Today’s bumps are interesting, kudos to both upstreams for their work. mongodb-2.2.3 The main benefit of this version is the performance improvements on replicaSets. You can see the changelog here. uwsgi-1.4.5 This one is quite a bump. I was particulary interested to know that the memory leak discovered on the gevent loop got fixed. Have […]