mongoDB 2.4.10 & pymongo 2.7

I’m pleased to announce those latest mongoDB related bumps. The next version bump will be for the brand new mongoDB 2.6 for which I’ll add some improvements to the Gentoo ebuild so stay tuned 😉 mongodb-2.4.10  fixes some memory leaks start elections if more than one primary is detected fixes issues about indexes building and […]

mongoDB v2.4.9/v2.2.7, rabbitMQ v3.2.3

Quick post about some recent bumps. mongodb-2.4.9 & mongodb-2.2.7 IMPORTANT : These versions fix a mongos bug which could lead it to report a write as successful when it was not. This affects all versions of MongoDB prior to and including v2.4.8. v2.4.9 changelog v2.2.7 changelog Stay tuned on mongoDB, the next post will probably talk […]

mongoDB v2.4.8, rabbitMQ v3.2.1, rsyslog v7.4.6

mongodb-2.4.8 You should consider this important update if you have a cluster running v2.4.7. It contains a fix for the config servers which can have them possibly disagree on chunks hashes and thus prevent mongos to start or balancing to happen. See this bug for more info. rabbitMQ-3.2.1 The famous message queuing server got a nice bunch […]

mongoDB v2.4.6 & pymongo v2.6

mongodb-2.4.6 The folks at 10gen discovered a severe bug in the mongoDB chunk migration process on sharded environments. Basically, depending of the size of your documents, there was a chance that some get lost during data migration ! Relax tho, this case affected only the chunks containing documents which size are in the range of 16,776,185 […]

mongoDB : latest releases

mongodb-2.4.4 Just bumped it to portage and fixed an open bug along. This is yet another bugfix release which backports the switch to the Cyrus SASL2 library for sasl authentication (kerberos). Dependencies were adjusted so you no longer need libgsasl on your systems (remember to depclean). highlights config upgrade fails if collection missing “key” field […]

mongoDB and Pacemaker recent bumps

mongoDB 2.4.3 Yet another bugfix release, this new stable branch is surely one of the most quickly iterated I’ve ever seen. I guess we’ll wait a bit longer at work before migrating to 2.4.x. pacemaker 1.1.10_rc1 This is the release of pacemaker we’ve been waiting for, fixing among other things, the ACL problem which was introduced […]