py3status v0.7

Some cool bugfixes happened since v0.5 and py3status broke the 20 github stars, I hope people are enjoying it. changelog clear the user class cache when receiving SIGUSR1 specify default folder for user defined classes fix time transformation thx to @Lujeni add Pingdom checks latency example module fix issue #2 reported by @Detegr which caused the […]

Meet py3status

This is the first public release of one of my open-source projects, don’t hesitate to share some feedback and/or thoughts with me. Background As a sysadmin, I have a lot of consoles open on multiples desktops and my 30″ screen was still not enough to cover my needs. To make things short, I needed to spare […]

Python : new zeroMQ and mongoDB drivers

pyzmq- This one is very interesting to me because the code from the mighty gevent-zeromq library which brought gevent support to pyzmq has been merged into it ! I find it very humble and positive for the Open Source community to see such merges and want to express my gratitude to Travis Cline and the […]

Python @ Appnexus

On my earlier blog post about python I talked about Appnexus’ motivation and use cases of this language. The PyData 2012 video of the talk is available now and I strongly encourage you to listen to it as it’s not only focused on python but covers also teamwork management and organization.