uWSGI : v1.4.6 released

This is quite a big release for its backports and improvements. But there are two more interesting things to note here : uWSGI supports Heroku and Dreamhost deployments ! tutorials uWSGI + Heroku + Python tutorial uWSGI + Dreamhost tutorial highlights fix SERVER_PORT value in corerouters when using shared sockets backported –thunder-lock option to reduce […]

mongoDB v2.2.3 & uwsgi v1.4.5

Today’s bumps are interesting, kudos to both upstreams for their work. mongodb-2.2.3 The main benefit of this version is the performance improvements on replicaSets. You can see the changelog here. uwsgi-1.4.5 This one is quite a bump. I was particulary interested to know that the memory leak discovered on the gevent loop got fixed. Have […]

uWSGI : v1.4.2 released

Quick post for a bugfix release with some added flavor features for PHP users. highlights improved perl mules support fixed pending datas management in https router fixed thread-offloading of really big static files added –php-app-qs as micro-optimization (in-place of rewrite rules) for php apps added –php-var to inject custom (fixed) vars in the request Full […]

uWSGI : v1.2.6 and v1.3 released

The v1.2.6 is a maintenance release with some interesting backports while the v1.3 series start with a couple of new interesting features and plugins such as a mongodb logger. On my async python usage side, I’m glad to see this new version coming for its enhanced –lazy-apps option and gevent grace reloading. v1.2.6 highlights : fixed […]