State of the event log architecture enhancements

Interesting stuff is happening on the event log (syslog) community and more precisely on the topic of syslog format extension and structuring syslog data. As of today there’s no real standard on how to format and structure data on a syslog message. Every project has its own log message structure and syntax (qmail and postfix […]

Clustering : corosync v1.4.3 & pacemaker v1.1.7 released

I’ve finally taken the time to take care of the corosync and pacemaker ebuilds. The new versions are now available in portage. Corosync 1.4.3 (10/04/2012) This is one of the last supported old stable release of the Corosync Cluster Engine. FYI, I’ve also bumped the new corosync-2.0.0 version but it needs more testing before I […]

mongoDB : v2.0.5 released

This is a bug fix release of mongoDB, it is now live in portage as well. +*mongodb-2.0.5 (11 May 2012) + + 11 May 2012; Ultrabug <> -mongodb-2.0.3.ebuild, + -files/mongodb-2.0.3-fix-scons.patch, +mongodb-2.0.5.ebuild: + Version bump, generic mms-agent URL, drop old. + Bug fix highlight : Inconsistent query results on large data and result sets Race during […]