mongoDB : export based on objectIDs’ timestamp

I needed to export a set of data from a mongoDB collection based on their objectIDs’ (_id) timestamp using mongoexport. The mongoexport documentation is everything but helpful on the subject so I had to find a workaround to answer this simple question : “export  all documents inserted yesterday on this collection in a CSV format”. Relevant […]

mongoDB : v2.0.6 released

Bug fix release, it is now available in portage. Starting from this package version I introduced a logrotate script which compresses daily the mongodb logs and keeps them for a year. Release highlights : mongos does not send reads to secondaries after replica restart when using keyFiles If only slaveDelay’d nodes are available, use them OplogReader […]

rsyslog : new v6 branch in portage

The first ebuild of the v6.2 stable branch of rsyslog is finally available in portage. This branch provides functional and performance enhancements of rsyslog. Quick highlights : Hadoop (HDFS) support has been considerably speeded up by supporting batched insert mode. TCP transmission overhead for TLS has been dramatically improved. TCP supports input worker thread pools. […]