uWSGI : v1.4.2 released

Quick post for a bugfix release with some added flavor features for PHP users. highlights improved perl mules support fixed pending datas management in https router fixed thread-offloading of really big static files added –php-app-qs as micro-optimization (in-place of rewrite rules) for php apps added –php-var to inject custom (fixed) vars in the request Full […]

Clustering : corosync v2.1.0 & pacemaker v1.1.8

I recently bumped quite a bunch of the clustering suite packages such as : sys-cluster/cluster-glue-1.0.11 sys-cluster/libqb-0.14.3 sys-cluster/corosync-1.4.4 sys-cluster/corosync-2.1.0 sys-cluster/crmsh-1.2.1 (new package) corosync-2.1.0 You should be aware that the corosync-2.x packages are still hard masked because the 2.0.x ones didn’t compile properly and we didn’t have a suitable pacemaker version for it to work with. There […]

mongoDB : ebuilds cleanup and v2.2.1 released

Another bug killing spree has happened 🙂 I’m glad to have closed quite a bunch of bugs related to mongoDB today. No more spidermonkey-1.7 dependency Thanks to the help from Ian Stakenvicius, we managed to drop the spidermonkey-1.7 dependency and use the embedded version shipped in the sources. I extended this fix to all 2.0.x […]