Python : new zeroMQ and mongoDB drivers

pyzmq- This one is very interesting to me because the code from the mighty gevent-zeromq library which brought gevent support to pyzmq has been merged into it ! I find it very humble and positive for the Open Source community to see such merges and want to express my gratitude to Travis Cline and the […]

Clustering : corosync v2.3.0 & resource-agents-3.9.4

Some new stuff related to clustering are now available on portage ! Here are the highlights. crmsh-1.2.4 better pacemaker-1.1.8 compatibility fine tuning history and regression fixes resource-agents-3.9.4 Oh yes I’ve been slacking on that one but it’s finally here ! As a reminder this huge bump (1.0.4 -> 3.9.4) is the result of the upstream […]