uWSGI : v1.4.6 released

This is quite a big release for its backports and improvements. But there are two more interesting things to note here : uWSGI supports Heroku and Dreamhost deployments ! tutorials uWSGI + Heroku + Python tutorial uWSGI + Dreamhost tutorial highlights fix SERVER_PORT value in corerouters when using shared sockets backported –thunder-lock option to reduce […]

Meet py3status

This is the first public release of one of my open-source projects, don’t hesitate to share some feedback and/or thoughts with me. Background As a sysadmin, I have a lot of consoles open on multiples desktops and my 30″ screen was still not enough to cover my needs. To make things short, I needed to spare […]

mongoDB 2.4.0 RC

Last month I talked about what was coming on the next major stable release of mongoDB and I’m glad to point you to the recent 2.4.0 release notes which were announced today. Undoubtedly, the “new” cool stuff is about the hashed index feature which will help those who don’t have a really even shard key to […]

Clustering : resource-agents v3.9.5 & crmsh v1.2.5

Quick post about two bumps I made yesterday. The important one is sys-cluster/resource-agents-3.9.5 because the previous release contained a regression on the IPaddr2 resource. IPaddr2 didn’t send unsolicited ARPs on start, depending on the ARP cache timeout time of the hosts on your topology, this could cause some serious delay when a failover takes place […]

mongoDB v2.2.3 & uwsgi v1.4.5

Today’s bumps are interesting, kudos to both upstreams for their work. mongodb-2.2.3 The main benefit of this version is the performance improvements on replicaSets. You can see the changelog here. uwsgi-1.4.5 This one is quite a bump. I was particulary interested to know that the memory leak discovered on the gevent loop got fixed. Have […]