mongoDB v2.4.1 and pymongo 2.5 released

10gen released a critical update for mongoDB 2.4.0 which affected queries on secondaries, you should upgrade asap. The python mongo driver followed the 2.4.x releases and got bumped to 2.5 this week-end. I am pleased to announce that I took the chance to add the kerberos authentication support to both ebuilds while bumping them. pymongo-2.5 GSSAPI […]

py3status v0.5

Since the first release of py3status, quite a bunch of bugfixes and features came such as python3 support and SIGUSR1 signal handling to force an update of the bar. changelog bugfix : fix delta variable declaration examples : add GLPI open tickets counter module example python3 compatibility inspired by waaaaargh (Johannes Firlefanz) improvement : iterate […]

rabbitMQ : v3.0.4 released

Within a week, rabbitMQ got bumped twice. I’m happy to quickly post about those recent bumps so here is a highlight of 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 changelogs. highlights fix connection failure to start reading again in rare circumstances when coming out of flow control ensure invocation of “rabbitmqctl stop_app” during server startup on a fresh node […]

Follow-up on pacemaker v1.1.9 and updated pacemaker-gui

In my previous post I talked about a permission problem introduced in pacemaker-1.1.9 which requires root to be a member of the haclient group. I’ve been helping @beekhof to investigate on this and I’m glad he found and fixed both the problem and a memory leak ! We’re still investigating on another issue but we should […]

Pacemaker vulnerability and v1.1.9 release

A security vulnerability (CVE-2013-0281) was found on pacemaker which permitted attackers to prevent your cluster from serving more CIB requests. Although this issue was quickly fixed by upstream, they didn’t add a new tag to pacemaker so I did ask Andrew Beekhof for one so I could take care of bug #457572. Gentoo users, here comes pacemaker-1.1.9 […]

Switching from Xchat to HexChat

As polynomial-c announced last year, xchat upstream is dead for some time now. Fortunately for us the fork hexchat is taking over and is compatible with your current xchat configuration so it’s really easy to migrate. migrating to hexchat $ mv .xchat2/ .config/hexchat/ $ mv .config/hexchat/xchat.conf .config/hexchat/hexchat.conf As mentioned in the comments by Louis Tim […]