rsyslog : v7.4.4 released

Contribution. This must be what I love the most and one of the more rewarding thing in the Open Source community.

I always found it more natural with Gentoo as you’re really close to the source code so we (devs and users) can see and propose fixes natively to upstream. I known some devs of cool upstreams (mongoDB) do use Gentoo on their developing box because of this close-to-source philosophy.

I don’t know if Rainer does, but I’m glad our contribution (thx to @hwoarang) has been merged to the newer rsyslog. I’m glad to say that we now need no patch at all to build rsyslog on Gentoo !

Long time warning had been issued, I took the opportunity of this bump to clean and drop older and unsupported versions of rsyslog. The only stable branch remaining is v7 from now on. I also made a step towards systemd integration thanks to @slyfox.


  • make rsyslog use the new json-c pkgconfig file if available. Thanks to the Gentoo team for the patches.
  • bugfix: imfile parameter “persistStateInterval” was unusable due to a case typo in imfile; work-around was to use legacy config
  • bugfix: slightly malformed SMTP handling in ommail
  • bugfix: segfault in omprog if no template was provided (now dflt is used)
  • bugfix: segfault in ompipe if no template was provided (now dflt is used)
  • bugfix: segfault in omsnmp if no template was provided (now dflt is used)
  • bugfix: some omsnmp optional config params were flagged as mandatory

pacemaker v1.1.10 & corosync v2.3.1

More than 5 months since the last bump of pacemaker. I’m glad that @beekhof did release the final pacemaker-1.1.10 and that the officially stable corosync got bumped to 2.3.1.

The changelogs are quite heavy so I won’t go into details about them but they both have quite a nice bunch of bugfixes and compatibility features. That’s why I’m hoping we should soon be able to fix bug #429416 and drop corosync hard mask. Hopefully some users such as @pvsa will give us some valuable feedback which will allow us to do it smoothly.