rsyslog v7.4.7

I’ve been slacking on this package for some months but slowly got the chance to catch-up with the multiple bugs open. So today I’m glad to say to make this blog post not only for a version bump release but also for some nice added features and ebuild improvements fixing 6 bugs in a row.


  • added support for the mongoDB output template module thanks to Vadim Kuznetsov
  • added support for sub-slot operators for json-c and libgcrypt dependencies using EAPI5 thanks to Thomas D.
  • libgcrypt is now a required dependency of rsyslog as I didn’t want to add another USE flag for such a widely spread dependency
  • I’ve also bumped net-libs/czmq with approval of @jlec which fixes dependencies when trying to build rsyslog with zeromq support, thanks to Allen Parker for his report and valuable debugging

rsyslog v7.4.7

This is a bugfix release, see the full changelog here.


py3status v1.1

I’m glad to announce the v1.1 release of py3status, roughly 6 months after v1.0 which features some nice and often contributed bug fixes and some exciting new features !

fixes / enhancements

  • allow float on refresh interval option
  • fix respect user’s locale for time transformation
  • fix i3status time adjustment when format does not contain the necessary items to get an exact datetime
  • fix delay on py3status start waiting for i3status, this caused a useless first refresh delay of py3status of i3status interval seconds
  • fix first click event opening line detection
  • redirect stdout and stderr to null to suppress modules outputs, this prevents i3bar from frezzing when a user module prints something to stdout or stderr, more info


Thanks to py3status, you can now take action on clicks made on your i3status modules !

new modules

  • new generic click event handler using the special module file named which will be forwarded any orphan click event for action
  • new example module displaying Yahoo Weather forcast
  • new example whoami displaying the currently logged in user, inspired by user request on i3 FAQ


Thanks a lot for their issues ranging from #15 to #20 with feedback, proposals and pull requests !

  • @alethiophile
  • @Edholm
  • @ifschleife
  • @lathan
  • @patrickshan
  • @ShadowPrince


Feel free to join the #py3status IRC channel on FreeNode to get help or share your ideas !



On the route down from Flagstaff to Phoenix, we stopped and stayed in Arcosanti. This experimental city is a unique place as it was imagined by an Italian architect who began its construction in the 70s with volunteers from all around the world. Today its construction is still ongoing and people come there to contribute for a certain period of time before going back home (we met a French lady from Britany there, this was weird).

The cool thing about this community is that you can book a room there to stay and live among them for some time. We had dinner and breakfast with them, everything was very cool and very tasty ! We didn’t really know what to expect when arriving there and were amazed by the place and its incredible athmosphere.

We had the feeling of being in another world, far from everything we’re used to. This is the kind of place where you can feel far from everything but close from the earth, a unique experience really. I even had the chance to take a dive in the swimming pool overlooking the surrounding desert.

I couldn’t help but feel strange about how the architecture of this place made me feel like I was walking in the video game Riven !