keepalived v1.2.11 & glusterfs v3.4.2

Quick post for two quick bumps related to clustering. glusterfs-3.4.2 quite a lot of bug fixes and improvements contains a backport for libgfapi support for integrating with NFS Ganesha nfs/mount3: fix crash in subdir resolution keepalived-1.2.11 autoconf: better libnl3 detection Fix memory allocation for MD5 digest Quite some nice memory leak fixes on different components […]

py3status v1.2

I’m glad to announce a new release of py3status with an exciting main new feature giving the ability to modify any of i3status’ module output from any of your modules ! feature you can now change i3status modules’ output by altering the i3status_output_json parameter received in any of your module ! changelog new module allowing activation […]

Tuning pacemaker for large clusters

We’ve been running quite a lot of production clusters using pacemaker/corosync for a while. Some of them are large, handling more than 200 resources across multiple nodes and we’ve exceeded some limits on pacemaker’s CIB size. I thought I’d share how to tune your cluster to handle such a bunch of resources since there are […]