mongoDB 2.4.10 & pymongo 2.7

I’m pleased to announce those latest mongoDB related bumps. The next version bump will be for the brand new mongoDB 2.6 for which I’ll add some improvements to the Gentoo ebuild so stay tuned ūüėČ mongodb-2.4.10 ¬†fixes some memory leaks start elections if more than one primary is detected fixes issues about indexes building and […]

Convert special characters to ASCII in python

I came across a recurrent problem at work which was to convert special characters such as the French-Latin accentuated letter “√©” to ASCII¬†“e” (this is called transliteration). I wanted to avoid having to use an external library such as Unidecode¬†(which is great obviously) so I ended up wandering around the unicodedata¬†built-in library. Before I had […]