One month in Turkey

Our latest roadtrip was as amazing as it was challenging because we decided that we’d spend an entire month in Turkey and use our own motorbike to get there from Paris.


Our main idea was to spare ourselves from the long hours of road riding to Turkey so we decided from the start to use ferries to get there. Turns out that it’s pretty easy as you have to go through Italy and Greece before you set foot in Bodrum, Turkey.

  • Paris -> Nice : train
  • Nice -> Parma (IT) -> Ancona : road, (~7h drive)
  • Ancona -> Patras (GR) : ferry (21h)
  • Patras -> Piraeus (Athens) : road (~4h drive, constructions)
  • Piraeus -> Kos : ferry (~11h by night)
  • Kos -> Bodrum (TR) : ferry (1h)

Turkish customs are very friendly and polite, it’s really easy to get in with your own vehicle.

Tribute to the Nightster

This roadtrip added 6000 kms to our brave and astonishing Harley-Davidson Nightster. We encountered no problem at all with the bike even though we clearly didn’t go easy on her. We rode on gravels, dirt and mud without her complaining, not to mention the weight of our luggages and the passengers 😉

That’s why this post will be dedicated to our bike and I’ll share some of the photos I took of it during the trip. The real photos will come in some other posts.

A quick photo tour

I can’t describe well enough the pleasure and freedom feeling you get when travelling in motorbike so I hope those first photos will give you an idea.

I have to admit that it’s really impressive to leave your bike alone between the numerous trucks parking, loading/unloading their stuff a few centimeters from it.

























We arrived in Piraeus easily, time to buy tickets for the next boat to Kos.

IMG_20140906_164101  IMG_20140906_191845







Kos is quite a big island that you can discover best by … riding around !


After Bodrum, where we only spent the night, you quickly discover the true nature of Turkish roads and scenery. Animals are everywhere and sometimes on the road such as those donkeys below.









This is a view from the Bozburun bay. Two photos for two bike layouts : beach version and fully loaded version 😉

IMG_20140909_191337 IMG_20140910_112858








On the way to Cappadocia, near Karapinar :

























The amazing landscapes of Cappadocia, after two weeks by the sea it felt cold up there.

IMG_20140920_140433 IMG_20140920_174936 IMG_20140921_130308








Our last picture from the bike next to the trail leading to our favorite and lonely “private” beach on the Datça peninsula.














HD Daymaker LED Headlamp


Short post to share my experience with the Harley-Davidson Daymaker LED Headlamp.

I came to buy it because I was not satisfied with the standard lamp fitted on my sportster and I guess whoever has to drive by night would feel that unpleasant feeling to not actually be able to properly see what’s going on in front of you.

The LED Headlamp is worth the few hundred bucks it costs if at least for the sake of your own life but furthermore for the incredible improvement from the standard lamp. Don’t hesitate a second just go for it and it’s dead simple to mount yourself !

See the difference (passing lights) :



Now I feel way safer to drive on unlitten roads.

Monument Valley

Forget about Marlboro, this Navajo nation area is way more than that. To be honest, you can see the money made from the tax you have to pay to enter the actual park is invested back in the community but I guess there’s more and some drawbacks to it.

Meet the first 10 minutes of rain we experienced during a whole month ! Actually, it was a localized storm and it happened at the perfect moment where we had the most beautiful view. We felt this moment was quite unique and we were excited and glad to experience it. I guess you won’t argue with me after looking at those pictures.





North rim Grand Canyon & the Navajo Indians

We then headed South towards the North rim of Grand Canyon, unfortunately the nights were already cold out there so the rangers did advise against sleeping in the car. We thus visited Point Imperial and stayed for the sunset. This was our first encounter with the Grand Canyon and it was amazing.


It was dark when we got out of there, we had to drive very carefully to avoid the numerous deers along the road. We had planned to sleep in Page but we hit a detour due to road work and had to take a huge detour which took us to Tuba City.

I could not stand driving one more mile but the only three hotels of the whole area were full. One person from the front desk of a hotel advised us to go to the nearby Greyhills Inn which remains one of the most exotic experience we had in Indian territory. We slept in a room in the Tuba City High School as they do rent rooms to outsiders ! We were welcomed nicely in this old fashioned place operated by the local Navajo people.

We visited Page and its (too) touristic area the next day along with the famous (and so crowded) Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

39230001 39230002

Bryce Canyon

After the Death Valley, we headed North to reach Bryce Canyon. On the way up, we did take a quick detour to cruise Las Vegas by car but didn’t stop there.

We had a pleasant night in a very old fashioned motel near Bryce Canyon where the tenant asked me if I really was French because “the French are usually blond and don’t have such dark hair as you mister”.

I’m willing to bet a great deal on the fact that the vast majority of us are brown/dark haired… Mister blond @Lujeni is NOT representative of us French people ! 🙂

bryce canyon bryce canyon bryce canyon

USA roadtrip facts & start

The plan

We started our one month roadtrip in Los Angeles where we stayed 3 days to adjust to the -9h time zone shifting. We had planned and rented a SUV for the first 15 days to tour the national parks (just before the shutdown, lucky us) then we rented a motorbike for the last 15 days of our trip to ride the West coast. Needless to say it was an amazing trip, the photos I’ll post will show it by themselves.

Still, it’s always fun and quite stunning to look back at the odometers of the two vehicles we used to see how much miles/km we drove :

  • In the SUV, touring the national parks : 4269 miles / 6870 km
  • With the Harley-Davidson Street Glide, riding the West coast : 2175 miles / 3500 km

That’s a nice total of 6444 miles / 10 370 km ! It’s more than the trip from Paris to LA 😉

The start

We headed to the Death Valley but took a detour to “visit” an abandonned waterpark in the middle of the desert !



Roadtrip 3600

DeuxiĂšme roadtrip en Harley : la cĂŽte d’Azur et Biarritz.

Un vrai tour de France en un peu moins de deux semaines. 3600 kilomĂštres de libertĂ© : Paris – Luberon – Gorges du Verdon – Grimaud (30 ans du HOG) – Marseille – Biarritz + les premiĂšres photos de vacances avec le GF670W, magique !000059

04760004 04760003

Les Vosges

Premier roadtrip en Harley : les Vosges.

Nous les avons atteint aprĂšs un passage sur Nancy pour profiter des Ă©vĂ©nements organisĂ©s pour rendre hommage au designer et architecte Jean ProuvĂ©. Au programme : des paysages magnifiques, des routes qui sentent le sapin mais dans le vrai sens du terme, de l’urbex dans un manoir incroyable et du vert, beaucoup de vert.

5 jours, 1350 km parcourus et une tĂȘte de pare-brise Ă  l’arrivĂ©e : on va recommencer, c’est sĂ»r !

Disclamer : photos de mauvaise qualité prises avec le téléphone portable.