Quick page to keep track of my current boxes environments and main software I use.

Je liste ici l’environnement de mes machines et mes applications de base.


  • i3status : populate my bar
  • py3status : to enhance i3status and inject my own stuff 😉
  • dmenu : to launch my applications
  • i3lock : lock the screen
  • xautolock : automatically locks my screen when I’m away
  • terminator : my $TERMINAL


  • feh : set my wallpaper
  • scrot : take snapshots of my screen
  • viewnior : simple image viewer
  • xpad : take and keep notes on my desktop
  • ranger : file manager, in console
  • thunar : file manager, GUI
  • xrandr py3status module : change my displays’ output/resolution
  • hexchat : IRC client
  • mupdf : light PDF viewer
  • xcdroast : light and efficient CD burner
  • tmux : the terminal multiplexer
  • tmate : share my terminal in real-time with anyone
  • gpa : simple GPG GUI

2 thoughts on “desktop”

  1. Dear Ultrabug,
    I am now installing gentoo on my dell xps 13 but I can not boot the USB install media. Would you mind share with what settings the BIOS need to be done to get it work? My email:
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello Owen, as I said in my email : “If the most recent Gentoo live install does not work for you, I strongly suggest to use the latest SystemRescueCD live USB and install your Gentoo from there !”

      Hope this helps

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