pacemaker v1.1.10 & corosync v2.3.1

More than 5 months since the last bump of pacemaker. I’m glad that @beekhof did release the final pacemaker-1.1.10 and that the officially stable corosync got bumped to 2.3.1.

The changelogs are quite heavy so I won’t go into details about them but they both have quite a nice bunch of bugfixes and compatibility features. That’s why I’m hoping we should soon be able to fix bug #429416 and drop corosync hard mask. Hopefully some users such as @pvsa will give us some valuable feedback which will allow us to do it smoothly.


2 thoughts on “pacemaker v1.1.10 & corosync v2.3.1

  1. Dmitriy Pozdeiev

    Hello, ulrtabug! Don’t you want to maintain live version of sys-cluster/pacemaker in your overlay? (-:

    1. ultrabug Post author

      Hi Dmitriy,

      Well I guess that having a pacemaker-9999 ebuild in my overlay can be done yeah. I’ve added it to my todo, if you feel that I’m too long to do it, feel free to ping me again 😉


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