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py3status is one of my open-source projects, it is is an extensible i3status wrapper written in python to enhance easily your i3bar in i3wm.

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  1. hi ultrabug!
    I have one silly question – and you may say I am stupid, but how to include weather module in my i3statu.conf? And other modules, how to include them, what are the needed params that I need to include in i3status.conf? Have no idea… Can you please post the i3status.conf with all the current modules included, defined and stuff? Thanks

    1. Hi kaosmonk,

      Actually you don’t include py3status modules in i3status’ config mate. You copy the py3status modules you want added to your bar to a local folder and include them using the -i path_to_your_folder parameter added to py3status (~/.i3/py3status/ by default) et voilà ! 🙂


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