Consul on Gentoo Linux

As a clustering and distributed architecture enthusiast, I’m naturally interested in software providing neat ways to coordinate any kind of state/configuration/you-name-it over a large number of machines. My quest, as many of you I guess, were so far limited to tools like zookeeper (packaged on my overlay but with almost no echo) and doozerd (last commit […]

keepalived v1.2.11 & glusterfs v3.4.2

Quick post for two quick bumps related to clustering. glusterfs-3.4.2 quite a lot of bug fixes and improvements contains a backport for libgfapi support for integrating with NFS Ganesha nfs/mount3: fix crash in subdir resolution keepalived-1.2.11 autoconf: better libnl3 detection Fix memory allocation for MD5 digest Quite some nice memory leak fixes on different components […]

Tuning pacemaker for large clusters

We’ve been running quite a lot of production clusters using pacemaker/corosync for a while. Some of them are large, handling more than 200 resources across multiple nodes and we’ve exceeded some limits on pacemaker’s CIB size. I thought I’d share how to tune your cluster to handle such a bunch of resources since there are […]

pacemaker v1.1.10 & corosync v2.3.1

More than 5 months since the last bump of pacemaker. I’m glad that @beekhof did release the final pacemaker-1.1.10 and that the officially stable corosync got bumped to 2.3.1. The changelogs are quite heavy so I won’t go into details about them but they both have quite a nice bunch of bugfixes and compatibility features. […]

Using keepalived for a self-balancing cluster

Load balancing traffic between servers can sometimes lead to headaches depending on your topology and budget. Here I’ll discuss how to create a self load balanced cluster of web servers distributing HTTP requests between themselves and serving them at the same time. Yes, this means that you don’t need dedicated load balancers ! I will […]

mongoDB and Pacemaker recent bumps

mongoDB 2.4.3 Yet another bugfix release, this new stable branch is surely one of the most quickly iterated I’ve ever seen. I guess we’ll wait a bit longer at work before migrating to 2.4.x. pacemaker 1.1.10_rc1 This is the release of pacemaker we’ve been waiting for, fixing among other things, the ACL problem which was introduced […]

Follow-up on pacemaker v1.1.9 and updated pacemaker-gui

In my previous post I talked about a permission problem introduced in pacemaker-1.1.9 which requires root to be a member of the haclient group. I’ve been helping @beekhof to investigate on this and I’m glad he found and fixed both the problem and a memory leak ! We’re still investigating on another issue but we should […]

Pacemaker vulnerability and v1.1.9 release

A security vulnerability (CVE-2013-0281) was found on pacemaker which permitted attackers to prevent your cluster from serving more CIB requests. Although this issue was quickly fixed by upstream, they didn’t add a new tag to pacemaker so I did ask Andrew Beekhof for one so I could take care of bug #457572. Gentoo users, here comes pacemaker-1.1.9 […]