Clustering : glue v1.0.10 released

The newly released cluster glue libraries for Pacemaker / Heartbeat are available in portage. From my perspective, the major enhancement is that the clplumbing (the code responsible for passing along cib messages between nodes) now include compression. This was something I reported upstream a long time ago and I was handling with the large-cluster USE flag […]

rsyslog : new v6 branch in portage

The first ebuild of the v6.2 stable branch of rsyslog is finally available in portage. This branch provides functional and performance enhancements of rsyslog. Quick highlights : Hadoop (HDFS) support has been considerably speeded up by supporting batched insert mode. TCP transmission overhead for TLS has been dramatically improved. TCP supports input worker thread pools. […]

Clustering : corosync v1.4.3 & pacemaker v1.1.7 released

I’ve finally taken the time to take care of the corosync and pacemaker ebuilds. The new versions are now available in portage. Corosync 1.4.3 (10/04/2012) This is one of the last supported old stable release of the Corosync Cluster Engine. FYI, I’ve also bumped the new corosync-2.0.0 version but it needs more testing before I […]

Portage internals

Maintenant que nous savons ce qu’est Portage, comprenons simplement comment il fonctionne. Que se passe-t’il lorsque l’on veut installer un package, et d’ailleurs ça ressemble à quoi un package sous Gentoo ? Les ebuilds Les packages disponibles dans l’arbre portage sont représentés par des fichiers appelés ebuilds. Les ebuilds contiennent toutes les informations nécessaires à […]

Portage basics

Les distributions Linux disposent toutes de ce qu’on appelle un gestionnaire de paquet dit package management system ou plus simplement package manager. Un package manager est un ensemble de programmes et d’outils permettant l’automatisation de l’installation / mise à jour / configuration / désinstallation de logiciels sur un système. Sous Gentoo Linux, le gestionnaire de paquet […]