py3status v3.4

Another community driven and incredible update of py3status has been released ! Our contributor star for this release is without doubt @lasers who is showing some amazing energy with challenging ideas and some impressive modules QA clean ups ! Thanks a lot as usual to @tobes who is basically leading the development of py3status now […]

py3status v2.9

py3status v2.9 is out with a good bunch of new modules, exciting improvements and fixes ! Thanks This release is made of their stuff, thank you contributors ! @4iar @AnwariasEu @cornerman Alexandre Bonnetain Alexis ‘Horgix’ Chotard Andrwe Lord Weber Ben Oswald Daniel Foerster Iain Tatch Johannes Karoff Markus Weimar Rail Aliiev Themistokle Benetatos New modules […]

MongoDB 3.0 upgrade in production : step 4 victory !

In my last post, I explained the new hope we had in following some newly added recommended steps before trying to migrate our production cluster to mongoDB 3.0 WiredTiger. The most demanding step was migrating all our production servers data storage filesystems to XFS which obviously required a resync of each node… But we ended […]