mongoDB 2.4.10 & pymongo 2.7

I’m pleased to announce those latest mongoDB related bumps. The next version bump will be for the brand new mongoDB 2.6 for which I’ll add some improvements to the Gentoo ebuild so stay tuned ūüėČ mongodb-2.4.10 ¬†fixes some memory leaks start elections if more than one primary is detected fixes issues about indexes building and […]

mongoDB v2.4.9/v2.2.7, rabbitMQ v3.2.3

Quick post about some recent bumps. mongodb-2.4.9 & mongodb-2.2.7 IMPORTANT¬†: These versions fix a mongos bug which could lead it to report a write as successful when it was not. This affects all versions of MongoDB prior to and including v2.4.8. v2.4.9 changelog v2.2.7 changelog Stay tuned on mongoDB, the next post will probably talk […]

keepalived v1.2.11 & glusterfs v3.4.2

Quick post for two quick bumps related to clustering. glusterfs-3.4.2 quite a lot of bug fixes and improvements contains a backport for libgfapi support for integrating with NFS Ganesha nfs/mount3: fix crash in subdir resolution keepalived-1.2.11 autoconf: better libnl3 detection Fix memory allocation for MD5 digest Quite some nice memory leak fixes on different components […]

uWSGI v2.0

Yesterday was a big day for the famous application container uWSGI. We released the brand new version 2.0 LTS along with quite a huge bump of the ebuild, closing 6 bugs at once. I thought I’d give some input about the ebuild changes and some quick notes about uWSGI. Many thanks again to¬†@dev-zero ! New […]

py3status v1.2

I’m glad to announce a new release of py3status with an exciting main new feature¬†giving the ability to modify any of i3status’ module output from any of your modules ! feature you can now change i3status modules’ output by altering the¬†i3status_output_json parameter received in any of your module ! changelog new module allowing activation […]